Packing for flowers (floristic)

The beauty of a flower arrangement or bouquet is often judged by its packaging. In floristry there are a large number of solutions for the original and beautiful packaging of a bouquet.

The fashion for naturalness and environmental friendliness is manifested not only in lifestyle, food and cosmetics, but also in packaging material.

We offer original flower packaging based on the unique biodegradable material FPO-SP. It combines the benefits of both paper and film. Our packaging is durable, wear-resistant and water-repellent.

We produce a plain, bright colors or with ornaments of various shades, in rolls or sheets of the desired size.




  • plain in various shades
  • translucent
  • embossed
  • with a stamp
  • without a stamp
  • in rolls
  • sheets



60*60 cm

50*70 cm 

70*100 cm  

other options

Sheets Packing Size

0,5 * 10 m

0,7 * 10 m

1,0 * 10 m

other options

Packing size in rolls

2 sheets

20 sheets

The number of sheets in the package





Colorful print

Why to choose our flower packaging?



Keeps shape

Nice to touch

Tough and puncture resistant

Does not get wet

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