Packaging for cheese

Packaging for hard, semi-solid, soft cheeses and others is made on the basis of the unique biodegradable material FPO-SP.

FPO-SP protects cheeses from light and prevents the penetration of ultraviolet radiation, which allows you to preserve the quality of the packaged product.

FPO-SP can be used on almost all types of packaging equipment, while reducing the load on the packaging equipment.

FPO-SP material meets the requirements of the food industry. Obtained permission to contact with food products (EU, FDA, BGA).



  • white
  • colored


  • in rolls
  • sheets


  • with a stamp
  • without a stamp






Cheaper than imported counterparts

Easy to dispose

It has high fat and moisture resistance

Ваша продукци

Has resistance to low temperatures

May be heat sealed

Suitable for printing

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