Mineral Masterbatch PS NanoCom

Mineral Masterbatch PS NanoCom — highly filled compositions based on calcium carbonate (chalk) and polystyrene.

Mineral Masterbatch PS NanoCom used with polystyrene in an amount of 1 to 50%, depending on the production technology and requirements for the finished product.

Used for:

  • improve weldability (by increasing thermal conductivity, increases the strength and uniformity of the weld);
  • technological improvements (contributes to the formation of a homogeneous structure, stability and uniform cooling of the sleeve);
  • increase the color saturation of colored films (improve the surface properties of the product for printing);
  • reduce production costs.

Mineral Masterbatch PS NanoComused as anti-fibrillation (preventing thread separation) modifiers to reduce shrinkage and warping during casting.

From the available choice, we will help you choose the brand of Mineral Masterbatch NanoCom, which is most suitable for the manufacture of the required products.

For testing, please contact our specialists who will give you all the necessary consultations and provide test samples.


  • PP
  • secondary PP
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • up to 60 %

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