Mineral Masterbatch PE NanoCom 1.0NCPE-8230

Mineral Masterbatch 1.0NCPE-8230 is made on the basis of primary linear polyethylene and high-pressure polyethylene.

1.0NCPE-8230 is used as a chalk filler to reduce the cost of raw materials.

Masterbatch 1.0NCPE-8230 uses chalk with a particle size of 1 micron, which minimizes screw wear and at the same time increases the adhesion of the product surface to flexo paint.

The high thermal conductivity of 1.0NCPE-8230 additive increases equipment performance.

The chalk additive 1.0NCPE-8230 is perfectly combined with both LDPE and HDPE and is suitable for those processors who work with several types of polyethylene.




  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • 1-30% depending on processing technology



81,5 %

Chalk content

1 µ

Particle size

98 %

Chalk whiteness


1 g / 10 min

Melt flow rate (190°С/2,16 kg)

1,8 g / cm3

Specific weight

up to  0,04%


Used for:

LDPE film
Plastic bag
PE pipes
HDPE bags

Why to choose Mineral Masterbatch NanoCom 1.0NCPE-8230?


Reduce production costs

Contribute to the formation of a homogeneous structure

Increase color saturation

Your product

Prevent thread segregation

Improve the weldability of the material

Improve printing property

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