Mineral Masterbatch PE NanoCom 0.7NCPE-7740

Mineral Masterbatch PE NanoCom 0.7NCPE-7740 is made on the basis of primary linear polyethylene and 0.7 micron nanosized chalk.

Masterbatch 0.7NCPE-7740 is used as a chalk filler to reduce the cost of raw materials.

0.7NCPE-7740 is used in the production of thin films from LDPE and HDPE, polymer paper and other products made of polyethylene, if increased demands are placed on their quality and appearance.

Masterbatch 0.7NCPE-7740 is characterized by a high melt flow rate, which significantly expands the range of applications.

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • 1-40% depending on processing technology




77 %

Chalk content

0,7 µ

Particle size

98 %

Chalk whiteness

8 g / 10 min

Melt flow rate (190°С/2,16 kg)

1,7 g / cm3

Specific weight

up to  0,04%


Used for:

HDPE film
HDPE bags
PE casting
LDPE bags

Why to choose Mineral Masterbatch NanoCom 0.7NCPE-7740?

Reduce production costs

Contribute to the formation of a homogeneous structure

Increase color saturation

Your product

Prevent thread segregation

Improve the weldability of the material

Improve printing property

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