Clients reviews

«We express our gratitude to NanoPolymer company for a reliable partnership and high quality production. During this time NanoPolymer show their ability to approach tasks with full responsibility and to fulfill them efficiently and on time.

Distinguishing feature of working with NanoPolymer is building partnerships with customers. It is worth noting the high quality of the supplied products — mineral films “Smart Paper”.

We are recommending NanoPolymer as a reliable and stable business partner.»

«We express our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to NanoPolymer company for a fruitful cooperation.

Stable deliveries of high-quality products have helped us to carry out our business without interruption. We are very pleased with the pricing policy and the quality of products that meet all the requirements and standards.

It is worth noting the speed of completing tasks and resolving all kinds of issues.

We are recommending NanoPolymer as a stable business partner.»

«We express our gratitude to the company NanoPolymer LLC for the products provided and the timely fulfillment of contractual obligations. Your company acted as a supplier of Smart Paper mineral film and we appreciated its quality and excellent characteristics.

The team of your company is qualified professionals. All issues and tasks were resolved and executed in a timely manner. We express confidence in maintaining the existing friendly relations and hope for further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.»

“On behalf of our company, we want to express our gratitude to your company, which has established itself as a reliable business partner. We are confident in the relevance and quality of your products: mineral film “Smart Paper”.

We wish you success, stability and recognition.”

«Russika LLC expresses its gratitude for the excellent experience of reliable cooperation. The company NanoPolymer LLC has established itself as a stable and reliable partner, providing high efficiency, reliability and a flexible approach to the needs of the Customer, never allowing time limits to be exceeded. We confirm that the quality of the supplied products, and more precisely — the mineral paper «Smart Paper» meets all the requirements and quality standards. I would like to note the formation of partnerships by the company based on professionalism and mutual cooperation. Based on the foregoing, Russika LLC would like to note the high potential of NanoPolymer, its focus on prosperity and further successful development.»

«Bosger confirms the fact of cooperation with NanoPolymer LLC.

The cooperation began in 2018 and while working today, we have already carried out several successful trade transactions between our companies and plan to develop cooperation with NanoPolymer LLC in the future.

Under the supply agreement, Bosger purchases packaging materials produced by NanoPolymer LLC in Poland and the EU, the main product being Smart Paper mineral film.

We have no doubt about the professionalism of this enterprise. Their offer is mutually beneficial for both parties. A distinctive feature of the company is the fact that during the interaction the employees of NanoPolymer LLC show honesty and openness in contacts.

We recommend cooperation with NanoPolymer LLC on behalf of our company Bosger.»